Anti-Sex Trafficking Resource List

Awareness & Education


Movies & Documents


  • Protect Young Minds – Teach youth about internet safety 
  • Gabb Wireless Phone – A safe phone for kids!
  • Research nonprofits where you can mentor boys and girls to show them what healthy relationships look like


Program into your phone and call if you see something suspicious or know of a trafficking situation. They will then connect to the local law enforcement agency to help. Victims can call this number as well, to get help. 

Post-Care / After-Care

  • Mending The Soul – (National and International) A curriculum for Understanding and Healing Abuse, which is being used in individual healing, one-on-one counseling, and in small group settings. 
  • Common needs among survivors/ victims:
    • Counseling
    • Job Skills / Life Skills
    • GED / Tutoring
    • Crisis Pregnancy Centers
    • Parenting classes
    • Medical Care


  • First place to start.  (Leadership and Elders, Women’s Group, Men’s Group, Youth, or a dedicated group of individuals that represent multiple departments of you church to commit to pray on God’s leading and wisdom)
  • Pray on behalf of the victims and survivors and those who work with them. (Law enforcement, mentors, advocates, educators, etc.)


Book Club

Justice Hope Freedom Ministry – Justice Book Club:  The purpose of the Justice Virtual Book Club is to read thought provoking books and watch documentaries to discuss issues that intersect with the realities of sex trafficking. Email to learn more and to join!

Webinars & Toolkits

Ending & Disrupting the Demand

  • EPIK Project – 
  • Demand Abolition 
  • Covenant Eyes – Provides support services to stop and prevent watching porn.  Sign up for 30 days free using HOPE30 
  • Holding gender specific trainings for men and women at your church or organization that address the issue of sex trafficking and how pornography is a high contributor to the demand of commercial sex trafficking. 
  • Working with the young men and women in your church or organization to be counter-cultural.  

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