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Justice. Hope. Freedom. Podcast is a program that talks about the issues of sex trafficking and human trafficking and all of the areas that link to and from it, and highlights individuals and organizations that are working to bring justice to the enslaved.  Listen to interviews with from experts, activists, survivors, law enforcement, global workers and leaders around the world. 

“Awareness/education, prevention, rescue, post-care, lobbying/advocacy.”

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Episode 031: Sex Trafficking in India and Covid-19 Exacerbating The Issue

Episode 030: Sex Dolls and Robots Contribute to Violence Against Girls and Women.

Episode 029: The Liberty Project in Mozambique Africa – Empowering Marginalized and Oppressed Women

Episode 028: Men Helping To End The Demand – EPIK Project

Episode 027: Freedom Business Alliance – Providing Jobs For Survivors of Human Trafficking

Episode 026: Christian Centered, Trauma-Informed Yoga

Episode 025: Mending The Soul: Healing Abuse Resources for Victims

Episode 024: Open Door International discussing Persecuted Women around the World

Episode 023: Sex Trafficking Signs For Pediatricians to Recognize While Seeing Patients

Episode 022: Sex Trafficking Prevention Curriculum Training in Zambia

Episode 021: Journey Out is Caring For Victims of Sex Trafficking in Los Angeles Who Are Still Forced To Work During COVID-19

Episode 020: Ho`ōla Nā Pua, ‘New Life for Our Children,’ Caring for Hawaii’s Sexually Exploited Youth

Episode 019: Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-proofing Today’s Young Kids Especially during COVID-19

JHF Episode 018: Sex Trafficking in Greece

JHF Episode 017: Pornography, the Brain and COVID-19 Challenges.

JHF Episode 016: “Lost Girls” Photo Campaign by a 17 Year Old, To Bring Awareness of the Silence About Alarming Rates of Black Girls Being Sex Trafficked.

JHF Episode 015: Trafficking Law Center: Provides pro bono legal services to human trafficking victims & survivors.

JHF Episode 014: Issue of Sex Trafficking in Europe.

JHF Episode 013: Interview with Pleschette Fontenet, Junior League of Portland.

JHF Episode 012Foster Youth Are Vulnerable To Being Trafficked – What One Organization Is Doing Within A Broken System To Create Safe Space For Foster Youth. 

JHF Episode 011Disrupting and Diminishing the Cycle of Sex Trafficking.  Interview with Richard Lee, Director of Church Mobilization of International Justice Mission. 

JHF Episode 010:  Olivia Welch, A Students Perspective on the Transgender Community and What Makes Them Vulnerable To Being Trafficked.

JHF Episode 009: Desiree Lepsey, A Survivor and Thriver Story.

JHF Episode 008: Interview with Joy Hoover, President and Founder of The Cupcake Girls. 

JHF Episode 007:  Interview with Vicki Abbate, Executive Director of Door to Grace.

JHF Episode 006: Prosecution, Investigation and Crack Down on Buyers. – Gresham Chamber of Commerce Presentation by JR Ujifusa Deputy District Attorney and Officer Mike Gallagher.  

JHF Episode 005: How To Advocate To Change Laws and Policies – An interview with Joe Bergeron, a Policy Consultant in Portland, Oregon.

JHF Episode 004: Trafficking in India – An interview with Aashima Samuel, National Director of Evangelical Fellowship of India.

JHF Episode 003: Interview with an Ex-Pimp, Ex-Gang Member, and Ex-Prostitute who is Now Giving Back.  The story of Raymond Grant.  

JHF Episode 002: Human Trafficking Sergeant Discusses Domestic Sex Trafficking, JHF Interviews Molly McDade-Hood, Multnomah County, Human Trafficking Sergeant.  

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