Adrienne Livingston


Adrienne Livingston is from Portland, Oregon. Her heart first broke over the evil of human trafficking after watching the documentary The Whistleblower. It angered her to see how those who should be protecting the vulnerable are often complicit with their exploitation, and she knew she wanted to spend her life and her influence to speak on their behalf. Her passion is to engage the church and promote collaboration – to be the bridge between organizations and “experts,” and ordinary people who are passionate about making a difference. 

Adrienne received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, International Business and International Studies from Oregon State University and her Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies from Western Seminary.  In October of 2014, she became the Director of Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiatives with WorldVenture. Adrienne is a co-developer of the Girl Empowerment Curriculum which was created as a faith-based, sex trafficking and domestic violence prevention curriculum for middle and high school girls.  It is designed to teach girls about their value, healthy boundaries and self-defense.

She is the producer and host behind the Justice Hope Freedom Podcast to educate about the issues of sex trafficking & exploitation. Adrienne is on the Rotary End Sex Trafficking Committee, was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from 2002-2004 to the Dominican Republic and is a member of East Portland Rotary Club.  She has been practicing yoga since April of 2016 and has been teaching Christian inspired yoga since July of 2018.

Brian and Melissa Leak

European Liaisons

Brian and Melissa Leak are European Liaisons for Justice Hope Freedom under World Venture. Their work stems from the belief God created every person with inherent and individual worth and dignity, and He created us to live in freedom as we live out our calling of loving Him and loving others. They believe that Jesus came to heal the brokenness in this world and to set the captives free, and passionately want to be a part of what He is doing in the world. They joined World Venture’s Global Anti-trafficking team in 2016 and began to do ministry in Europe in 2018.

Michele Lathrop

Empowerment Curriculums Consultant

Michele Lathrop is an awareness and prevention presenter working as a consultant with WorldVenture. As the Anti-Trafficking Ministry Coordinator with One Collective Portland from 2013 -2018 she has worked alongside many local agencies and service providers to address core issues related to prevention at the community level. Michele is co-developer of the Girls Empowerment Program alongside Adrienne.

Rachael Schulz

Volunteer Anti-Sex Trafficking Coordinator

Rachael Schulz was born in the Caribbean but grew up in Portland, Oregon. She connected with Adrienne at a yoga instructor training and first understood the realities of sex trafficking after attending a Girls Empowerment Curriculum Training through Justice Hope Freedom. “Being raised in the church, sex and trafficking was never talked about,” Rachael says. “I started to think about my 4 daughters and all the women in my life…I realized how important it is for the church to become aware and equipped of this issue!” As a mother of daughters, she is passionate about equipping and empowering young women so they can be engaged in this issue, stand up for themselves, and become the next leaders in the fight against exploitation.

Jenna Funkhouser

Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Jenna Funkhouser is part of the communications team for Justice Hope Freedom. Ever since she was confronted with the reality of human trafficking in 2004, she has committed to use her writing to amplify the voices of the most marginalized and call people to a vision of justice and restoration. Jenna has a bachelors in Creative Writing from Corban University and has been writing for Portland-based nonprofits since 2013.

Aric Wickliff

Graphic Designer

Aric Wickliff does Graphic Design for Justice Hope Freedom. She is passionate about anti-trafficking work because: “I think about the women in my family and imagine how it would feel if one of them was a victim of human trafficking. It leaves me with a very real and empathetic perspective of how horrific the issue is.” Her goal is always to create work that leads the viewer to greater openness in receiving its message, leading to positive change.

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