Get Involved

  • Prayer
  • Awareness & Education
  • Training
  • Prevention
  • Ending and Disrupting the Demand
  • Rescue
  • Post-care (aka After-care)
  • Advocacy
  • Mentorship
  • Books & Written Resources
  • Internships
  • Movies
  • Webinars
  • Other


  • First place to start. (Leadership and Elders, Women’s Group, Men’s Group, Youth, or a dedicated group of individuals that represent multiple departments of you church to commit to pray on God’s leading and wisdom)
  • Pray on behalf of the victims and survivors and those who work with them. (Law enforcement, mentors, advocates, educators, etc.)

Awareness & Education


  • Biblical Response To Sex Trafficking 7-week curriculum for churches (National) –
  • Western Seminary Center For Leadership Development – Online Sex Trafficking Awareness Video Course.  6 video approximately 30 minutes each.  You will be introduced to the sex trafficking industry, develop an understanding of survivors and perpetrators, hear a pastor’s perspective, and receive helpful links to additional resources. 
  • Seek training in specific fields—


            Understanding a broad perspective of Prevention!

  • If you are interested in getting involved overseas, there are a number of organizations to look at:
  • Youth curriculum for girls being developed for churches. – Who they are in God, healthy relationships, boundaries (physical and emotional), teaching girls self defense –
  • Shared Hope International – – Grades each state on progress to fight sex trafficking. Look up your state’s “report card” and from there start contacting your local state/ county/ city government officials to see what they are doing about this issue. Ask to meet with them and ask how you can help.
  • Salvation Army –

Ending and Disrupting The Demand

  • EPIK Project –
  • Holding a training for men at your church that addresses the issue of sex trafficking and how pornography is a high contributor to the demand of commercial sex trafficking. (Similar to John School; however, in this case, can we, the Church, reach men before they have to mandatorily attend John School.)
  • ( for a suggested format)
  • Shared Hope International, Defender’s Pledge –
  • Working with the young men in your church to be counter-cultural. Can you start a mentor program for young men in your church? Can you start an addictions recovery program for men?

Rescue (Adrienne)

Program into your phone and call if you see something suspicious or know of a trafficking situation. They will then connect to the local law enforcement agency to help. Victims can call this number as well, to get help.


  • Door To Grace (Portland, Oregon)
  • Mending The Soul – (National and International) A curriculum for Understanding and Healing Abuse, which is being used in individual healing, one-on-one counseling, and in small group settings.
  • Sexual Assault Resource Center (Oregon) – – What resource center in your area.
  • Salvation Army –
  • Common needs among survivors/ victims:
    • Crisis Pregnancy Centers
    • Parenting classes
    • Job Skills/ Life Skills
    • GED/ Tutoring
    • Medical Care


Both these organizations work on monitoring and advocating for stronger victim-centered legislation.


  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Community Nonprofits that work with youth, especially at-risk youth
  • Foster Care Parent – Embrace Oregon – checkout your states Department of Human Services.
  • Consider staring a mentorship program through your local church.
  • Consider offering empowerment and confidence building classes for girls ages 11 – 18, that talk about who they are in God, healthy and unhealthy relationships, boundaries and what grooming and recruiting looks like.

Books & Written Resources


Movies & Documentaries


National Human Trafficking Resource Center – Educators Webinar –


US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families –