Help us protect youth from being sexually exploited.  Please consider a monthly donation or a one-time gift.  Every dollar counts.  Thank you!

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Sex Trafficking Occurs when someone uses force, fraud or coercion to cause a commercial sex act with an adult or causes a minor to commit a commercial sex act.

 A commercial sex act includes prostitution, pornography and sexual performance done in exchange for any item of value, such as money, drugs, shelter, food, or clothes.

What your donations impact and make possible:

  • $25 monthly ($300 annually) funds – Educates 30 students
  • $50 monthly ($600 annually) funds – Provides basic presentation for 50 individuals
  • $75 monthly ($900 annually) funds – Supports half day training monthly
  • $100 monthly ($1,200 annually) funds – Produces 4 educational podcasts episodes monthly
  • $250 monthly ($3,000 annually) funds – Underwrites the creation and distribution of online basic sex trafficking curriculum, videos for university students seeking to engage and recruiters helping to provide career advice to students
  • $500 monthly ($6,000 annually) funds – Supports creating cultural contextualized girl empowerment facilitation curricula for youth leaders 

All gifts are tax deductible.

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